Friday 15th December to Monday 1st January 2018

Aladdin by Andy Gribben

Directed by Helen & Neil Arbon

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a visit to the SDS pantomime at The Quay Theatre! Aladdin has everything you could wish for in this traditional family feast of fun and frolics.

Heroes? CHECK! – Villains? CHECK! – Genies? CHECK! - Custard Pies? CHECK & CHECK! - Magic Lamp? CHECK! – Laundry? WHY NOT? - Booing and Hissing? COMPULSORY! - Cheering? OF COURSE!

So, hop onto your nearest magic carpet and fly down to The Quay to get your tickets before Abanazar sells them on eBay!



Wishee-Washee - Daniel Pitts

Abanazaar - Denis Brogan

Avanibble - Mark Scanlon

Widow Twankey - Malcolm Hollister

Ping - Mark Littlewood

Pong - Nathan Collier

Aladdin - Jordan Bond

Emperor Ty-Phoo - Joseph James

Princess Soo-Chong - Kat & Izzie Willson

Siri - the genie of the ruby ring - Lorna Hollister

Genie of the lamp - Clare James



Wishee-Washee - Ali Crawley

Abanazaar - Bryan Thurlow

Avanibble - Amanda Hellaby

Widow Twankey - Phil Osborn

Ping - Darryl Crawley

Pong - Adam Webster

Aladdin - Emily Young

Emperor Ty-Phoo - Michael Fouldes

Princess Soo-Chong - Katherine Mills

Siri - the genie of the ruby ring - Jaclyn Taylor

Genie of the lamp - Sara Knight