All My Sons by Arthur Miller

Directed by Michael Harding

In a grieving Post War America, the family is the last refuge of comfort and trust. Joe Keller's engineering works thrived in the war making fighter engines, until the discovery of a batch with lethal defects.

Three years later, over the course of one day, a series of revelations from the past rupture the Kellers' calm forever.

All My Sons confirmed Arthur Miller as one of the giants of 20th century theatre.


Joe Keller - Denis Brogan

Kate Keller - Helen Arbon

Chris Keller - Oliver Rednall

Annie Deever - Frankie Hayward

George Deever - Christopher Suckling

Frank Lubey - Matthew Byham

Lydia Lubey - Anna James

Jim Bayliss - Cecil Qadir

Sue Bayliss - Heidi Bernhard-Bubb

Bert - Yusef Sargeant