Tuesday 10th - Saturday 14th July

Bell, Book & Candle

by John Van Druten

Director Linda Dowdall


I discovered a copy of this play when sorting out donations for the SDS archives based upstairs at The Quay.  SDS did this play back in 1974, directed no less by our very own Liz Cole.  The original professional production of the play was first performed in the fifties by Rex Harrison and Lilli Palmer and, like that SDS version, was firmly set in London.  When the professional production moved to New York, so did the setting, but as it matters very little to the plot of the play, I am taking the liberty of moving it back to the UK for my production.  The action will take place in the unspecified not too distant past to allow for some leeway with the set and costumes.  It is said that Bell, Book and Candle was the inspiration for the TV series Bewitched. 

Gillian Holroyd is a thoroughly modern witch but if she falls in love she will lose her powers.  When, guided by her cat Pyewacket, she casts a spell to make her attractive neighbour in the flat upstairs fall in love with her, she is unprepared for the outcome. And, as he discovers her deception, is she about to lose everything? 


I am looking for two women and three men as outlined below. 

Gillian (25/30s upwards) - Begins as a feisty, modern, self-confident witch, used to her own way, who is out to get her man.  She undergoes a personality change when she realises all has not gone according to plan

Tony (30/40s upwards) - Self- assured businessman, when he falls for Gillian he has problems dealing with what has happened.  Gets very angry later

Queenie (older woman) - Bit scatty, eccentric but mischievous with good sense of fun

Nick (20s upwards - younger than Gillian) - Gillian’s brother - charming, easy manner (possible slightly camp), likes himself and his image

Professor Sidney (40+) - Author who knows only a little about his subject but thinks he does, bookish, dishevelled, rumpled and appears slightly tipsy

Scripts are available for short term loan from the Quay Box Office

For more information email Linda at lindadowdall60@gmail.com