An ongoing resource for ALL potential SDS Directors (both new and experienced)

Please read,feel free to download and print out the following documents

IMPORTANT - Richard Stephens is trained as Fire Officer - all Directors need to speak to Richard before rehearsals about all aspects of Fire Safety.

UPDATED OCTOBER 2016 - list of contents of the SDS Props shed plus some photos (pdf file)

Guidelines for SDS Directors - Updated October 2017 (pdf file)

Guidelines on Photos for your Production (pdf file) added August 2014

Complimentary Tickets Sheet Updated November 2016 - to go to SDS Committee after the production (pdf file)

Casting Slip Template (word .doc). Please download and save to your own computer for amending to suit your own requirements - updated November 2016

Claim form for expenses (pdf file)

Checklist for Buddies (for the experienced director who is prepared to shadow a first-timer)

Should you have any comments or queries on the above documents please pass them on to a member of the SDS committee