8th - 1th July 2014

Funny Money

by Ray Cooney

Director Geoff Banwell

Henry Perkins accidentally picks up the wrong briefcase on his tube journey home from work and discovers that it contains a fortune in what he assumes to be stolen money. His attempts to hang on to it are complicated by the intervention of not one, but teo police sergeants, two friends arriving to dinner, a taxi driver with an attitude and finall 'Mr Big' in search of his missing loot!


Jean Perkins - Hayley Nunn

Henry Perkins - Michael Fouldes

Sgt Slater - Oliver Rednall

Bill, the taxi driver - Michael Harding

Betty Johnson - Belinda Hasler

Vic Johnson - Shawn Peart

Sgt Davenport - Kevin Roychowdhury

Passer by - Alec Scales