7th - 12th September 2015

Directed by Denis Brogan

When happily married Lady Windermere is told that her husband is frequently visiting, and paying large sums of money to, a mysterious woman, her world falls apart.

What is she to do?

Will she fall into the clutches of the predatory Lord Darlington?

Who is the mysterious Mrs. Erlynne, and what is her hold over Lord Windermere?

All is eventually revealed in Oscar Wilde's compelling drama of trust and self-sacrifice, laced liberally with his scintillating wit and compelling humanity.


Lord Winderemere - Joseph James

Lord Augustus Lorton - Malcolm Hollister

Mr Cecil Graham - Nick Elliott

Lady Windermere - Sonia Lindsey-Scraps

Lady Agatha Carlisle - Esme Stanway

Lady Jedborough - Emma Hewitt

Lord Darlington - Robery Crichton

Mr Dumby - Geoff Banwell

Duchess of Berwick - Lorna Hollister

Lady Plimdale - Sarah Harvey-Wade

Mrs Erlynne - Sara Knight