Tuesday 11th - Saturday 15th September

Make Way for Lucia

by John Van Druten

Director Belinda Hasler

If you haven’t read the books, now is the time to become acquainted. Although the play pulls on distinctive characteristics imagined by E F Benson, the full background of each character is far more complex and funny.

The play is set in Tilling during the early 1930s where the pace is slow and there’s not an awful lot to do for the genteel with private income other than gossip, paint the occasional landscape, daily shop for groceries, gossip, entertain and play bridge. They are led by Miss Mapp who has a strong hold on one and all until the arrival of Lucia. Miss Mapp has met her before, briefly, in Riseholme where… Lucia held sway and all followed her lead.

The Tilling residents swap houses with each other for the summer season by downgrading thereby saving on rental. Lucia,the outsider, rents Miss Mapp’s residence called “Mallards” and so the drama begins…

The play is a story of two women trying to gain the upper hand. It is gently funny and each and every character, however long on stage, can make an impression on the viewing audience


Emmeline Lucas (LUCIA): Sara Knight

Miss Mapp: Sarah Harvey-Wade

Major Benjy-Flint: Joseph James

Georgie Pilson: Brian Thurlow

Godiva Plastow: Heidi Bernard-Bubb

Grosvenor: Anne Lilley

Mrs Bartlett: Linda Dowdall

Mr Wyse: Dean Marshall

Mrs Wsye: Julie Moss

Rev Kenneth Bartlett: Adam Webster

Signor Cortese: Richard Fawcett