Tuesday 6th - Saturday 10th November

Man and Boy

by Terence Rattigan

Director Nick Elliott

A gripping story of family, success, and what we’re willing to sacrifice for both.

One evening in 1934, Gregor Antonescu appears at the Greenwich Village flat of his estranged son, Basil. Gregor has arranged to meet Mark Herries there, away from the press which have been reporting all day on the collapse of Antonescu’s huge business empire. They are to discuss the failure of a proposed merger between Herries’ firm and an Antonescu concern – a failure caused in part by the discovery of discrepancies in the accounts.

Basil is not pleased to see his father, but in the end, unwillingly, plays his part in a form of blackmail to dissuade Herries from announcing the collapse of the merger.

It is clear throughout the play that Antonescu has not stopped at anything to obtain his ends – of making money – including dealing with tyrants, and murder. However, we realise at the denouement that the son does care about the father, despite himself, and, in turn, the father cares for his son and his son’s opinion. The other characters point to the limits or extent of loyalty when it is put to the test in dramatic ways.

In some ways, the play resonates more today than when it was written in 1964, touching as it does on high finance and shady deals, big money pulling political strings, blackmail, sexual impropriety and, on the more human level, the pull of blood ties, loyalty between family members and loyalty between people who have worked together a long time, sharing secrets and dubious practices.


The Man: GREGOR ANTONESCU - Malcolm Hollister

The Boy: BASIL ANTHONY - Matthew Byham

CAROL PENN - Jordan Bond


SVEN JOHNSON - Kevin Roychowdhury

MARK HERRIES - Mark Scanlon

DAVID BEESTON - Chris Suckling