by J B Priestley

1st to 5th November 2011

directed by Sue Clark-Roberts

Set in turn-of-the-century Yorkshire, the story concerns three middle-aged married couples, who tend to look askance towards anyone who does not come up to their high moral and religious standards. These pecksniffs are especially critical towards those who advocate a break from the repressive sexual taboos of the era. Imagine their dismay, then, when all three couples discover that they're not legally married. Their efforts to hide this fact, and their eventual comeuppance, provides several hearty laughs.

Cast list -

Maria Helliwell - Lucy Foster

Joe Helliwell - Richard Fawcett

Annie Parker - Sue Bailey

Albert Parker - Joseph James

Herbert Soppitt - Carl Duffy

Clara Soppitt - Belinda Hasler

Lottie Grady - Katherine Mills

Henry Ormoroyd - Malcolm Hollister

Ruby Birtle - Hema Goud

Mrs Northropp - Anne Lillie Foster

Nancy Holmes - Holly Nicoll

Gerald Forbes - Stuart Clarke

Fred Dyson - Liam Self

Rev Clement Mercer - Geoff Banwell