by Thornton Wilder

Production Dates - 5th - 9th March 2013

Directed by Neil & Helen Arbon

Our Town is set in 1901 in a small American Town - the 3 acts follow various events in the town from a wedding to a graveside with a bit of a twist at the end. It is a gentle ensemble piece with definite emotional clout and a fresh approach to the staging of a play.


Stage Manager - Trevor Laver

Doc Gibbs - Michael Harding

Mrs Gibbs - Lorna Hollister

George Gibbs - Matthew Byham

Editor Webb - Denis Brogan

Mrs Webb - Emma Hewitt

Wallace Webb - Fraser Fenton

Mrs Soames - Sara Knight

Joe Crowell - Tristan Stewart

Si Crowell - Garon Clark

Howie Newsome - Cecil Quadir

Simon Stimson - Nick Elliott

Constable Warren - Joe Laredo

Joe Stoddard - Garon Clark

Sam Craig - Tony King

Many Other Parts - Fiona Bonny, Roger Goldsmith,Oliver Rednall