Tuesday May 10th - Saturday 14th May

Outside Edge

by Richard Harris

Directed by Mark Scanlon

See the rehearsal video here - Outside Edge- Sudbury Dramatic Society from Offshoot Films on Vimeo.

Team captain Roger has enough trouble assembling his troops for their Saturday afternoon cricket match amidst players dropping out to tend to ex-wives, impending births, house viewings, thumb blisters and other assorted catastrophes.

Will Ginnie find out where Bob disappeared to? Will Kevin be fit enough to bowl - assuming he can fight off the loving attentions of his DIY expert wife Maggie? Why does Dennis’s wife set fire to his new BMW? Will Alex pay any attention to new girlfriend Sharon?

Just when victory is in sight Sharon gets stuck in the loo and Miriam wants to know about Roger’s peccadillo in Dorking…..then rain starts to fall.

All this and much more in this classic evergreen comedy


Roger - Joseph James

Miriam - Belinda Hasler

Bob - Mark Jenner

Dennis - Malcolm Hollister

Kevin - Nick Elliott

Maggie - Lucy Foster

Ginnie - Sonia Lindsey-Scripps

Alex - Matthew Byham

Sharon - Sophie White