THE PASSION - based on the Medieval Mystery Plays

Directed by Robert Crighton

Sat 7th to Sat 14th July 2012

Before Shakespeare there were the mysteries, the first great dramas ever produced in English. The original mystery plays were based on stories from the Bible, telling the story of the world fron the Creation through to Doomsday and written to be performed on city streets over the course of a whole day. This specially prepared version tells of the life of Christ focusing on his betrayal and what follows. A powerful story told for all peoples, involving storytelling, music, drama and a community company.

The Passion Company

Geoff Banwell, Denis Brogan, Fiona Bonny, Andrew Colley, Robert Crighton, Peter Day, Catherine Drew, Carl Duffy, Annie Eddington, Nick Elliott, Richard Fawcett, Roger Goldsmith, Herma Gold, Michael Harding, Sarah Harvey-Wade, Lorna Hollister, Joseph James, Tony Litton, Holly Nicoll, Cecil Qadir