Tuesday 5th - Saturday 9th September 2017

The Rivals

by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Director Denis Brogan

This delightful comedy of manners by Richard Brinsley Sheridan mocks the conventions of romantic love, even as it follows the fortunes of two pairs of young lovers.

In Bath 1775, the beautiful Lydia is living with her old aunt, Mrs Malaprop, a widow whose ability to mangle the English language is legendary.

Lydia is determined to elope with the penniless Ensign Beverley, and refuses an arranged marriage with Captain Jack Absolute, whom she has never met.

However, it is really Jack Absolute who is courting Lydia under the guise of Beverley.

Lydia’s friend Julia is tormented by her devoted but suspicious lover, Faulkland.

Sir Lucius O'Trigger, a bellicose Irishman, also thinks he is courting Lydia, but is being led on by Mrs Malaprop.

Lydia’s other suitor, a country Squire, is persuaded, despite his extreme cowardice, to challenge the fictitious Beverley to a duel.

However, no blood is shed, and although the course of true love does not run smooth, everything ends happily


Sir Anthony Absolute - Peter Drew

Jack Absolute - Cameron Sawyer

Faulkland - Michael Fouldes

Lydia Languish - Sarah Byham

Julia - Sonia Lindsey

Mrs Malaprop - Gayle Wade

Bob Acres - Adam Webster

Sir Lucius O'Trigger - Nick Elliott

Lucy - Amanda Hellaby

Assorted roughs etc - Helen & Neil Arbon