Satuday 15th December to Tuesday 1st January 2019

Robin Hood by Mike Fahie-Wilson & Bez Berry

Directed by Mike Fahie-Wilson

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It’s a tale of heroes and villains, love, romance and adventure in Suffolk. Yes, in Suffolk! Not many people know that Maid Marion was a local lass nor that the wicked Sherriff of Nottingham and his evil mother had designs on our fair county – oh, yes they did! Will Robin and his merry men foil their dastardly plans? Not without help from the fairy and local wildlife AND you.


Robin Hood - George Maddams / Jordan Bond

Little John - Tom Roberts / Nathan Collier

Will Scarlet - Jaclyn Taylor / Kerys Stephens

Friar Tuck - Malcolm Hollister / Stuart Williams

Edmund, Earl of Suffolk / Gordon the Guard - Adam Webster / Mark Scanlon

Maid Marion / Owl - Shannon Shaw / Emily Farrell

Basil, Sheriff of Nottingham - Tom Eddington / Neal Hargreaves

The Marchioness Melania / Gus the Pheasant - Annie Eddington / Bryan Thurlow

Dylan, a deer - Julie Moss / Toby Bullock

Pandora the Fairy - Abi Harper-Rowe / Jessie Pitts