Satuday 15th December to Tuesday 1st January 2019

Robin Hood

written and directed by Mike Fahie-Willson & Bez Berry

AUDITIONS - Monday 16th July 7.30pm and Sunday 22nd July 1pm, Jetty

It’s a tale of heroes and villains, love, romance and adventure in Suffolk. Yes, in Suffolk! Not many people know that Maid Marion was a local lass nor that the wicked Sherriff of Nottingham and his evil mother had designs on our fair county – oh, yes they did! Will Robin and his merry men foil their dastardly plans? Not without help from the fairy and local wildlife AND you. To tell this tale we are looking for 2 casts to act, sing, dance and have a great time filling the following roles;

Robin Hood. Our traditional hero. In love with Maid Marion (and a little in love with himself too). Will she straighten him out?

Little John.  Robin’s dependable but not terribly bright right hand man and the object of Nell’s affections.

Will Scarlet.  A merry man, a minstrel and the Principal Boy who falls for ……(that’s a secret for now).

Friar Tuck. But really our Dame Nell, in disguise (male) who has designs on Little John.

Edmund, Earl of Suffolk.  Struggling to keep his daughter, Maid Marion, on the straight and narrow – not at all keen on her interest in our hero. And he has to contend with the scheming Melania - but she has turned him into a frog!

Maid Marion. Daughter of the Earl and our traditional heroine. Romantic and rather na´ve but learns quickly from Nell (Doubles as the owl puppeteer).

Basil, Sheriff of Nottingham.  One of our villains, much influenced by his wicked mother.

The Marchioness Melania. Basil’s mother, the brains behind the evil plot and a dab hand with a magic wand.  Doubles as Gus the pheasant.

Gordon the guard.  Basil’s henchman and much put upon.

Dylan.  A nervous deer.

Gus.   A suave, cock pheasant. Doubled with Melania.

Owl. A grumpy puppet. Doubled with Maid Marion.

Pandora the Fairy. (Female) Once known as Fairy Apple-blossom but now a teenager and a feisty fairy with attitude.

If you would like to take part in the workshop on 20th May or have any questions Mike Fahie-Wilson would be very pleased to hear from you via