Saturday 21st June 2014 - for one night only

Shakespeare Undressed

The Bard's best bits hanging out at The Quay!

Promenade around the hidden corners of The Quay Theatre in the first half and find Shakespeare in unexpected places

Return to the Auditorium for the second half and let Shakespeare promenade to you

Performed in jeans and T-shirts by his fellow actors according to the wishes of the late David Knight

Performed by Helen Arbon, Neil Arbon, Geoff Banwell, Heidi Bernhard-Bubb, Denis Brogan, Sarah Byham, Robert Crighton, Peter Drew, Carl Duffy, Annie Eddington, Tom Eddington, Richard Fawcett, Anthea Halstead, Michael Harding, Malcolm Hollister, Sara Knight, Trevor Laver, Gemma Leggett, Mark Littlewood, Jessica Millar, Penny Mills, Monica Murphy, Cecil Qadir, Mark Saberton (voice only), Amanda Steel

Assisted by Kerys Stephens, Richard Stephens, Joe Fawcett, Keith Atkinson, Linda Dowdall