Tuesday 4th - Sat 8th March 2014

She Stoops to Conquer

or The Mistakes of a Night

by Oliver Goldsmith

Director Michael Harding

A respectable house in Suffolk. Two London gentlemen a-courting arrive and seek lodging for the night...

A rollicking tale of Confusions, in which the venerable Mr Hardcastle's hospitality is roundly abus'd, young Mistress Hardcastle assumes a position below her station and bashful Master Marlow is dup'd into forgetting his modesty...


Charles Marlow - Nick Elliott

George Hastings - Robert Crighton

Tony Lumpkin - Ben Warner

Mr Hardcastle - Peter Drew

Mrs Hardcastle - Lucy Foster

Kate Hardcastle - Lorna Hollister

Constance Neville - Amanda Steel

Sir Charles Marlow Snr - Anthony Faulkner

Maid - Belinda Hasler

Jeremy / Inn Fellow - Neil Arbon

Landlord - Michael Harding

Diggory - Malcolm Hollister

Roger - Anthony Faulkner

Other Servants / Inn Fellows - Stage Crew