by John Godber

Tuesday 16th to Saturday 23rd July 2011

directed by Neil Arbon

Kerys, Ben, Laura Teechers Poster Kerys, Laura, Ben

The plot revolves around naive, over enthusiastic, new drama teacher Geoff and no-hopers final year trio Salty, Gail and Hobby in the process of staging a play about school life.

The cast of three play a whole staffroom and classroom full of characters with just a minimum of props and costumes.


Ian 'Salty' Salt - BEN CRANMER (also Teacher B, Jeff Nixon, Pete Saxon, Oggy Moxon, Derek Basford, Mr Hatton and Deanie)

Gail Saunders - LAURA CROFTON (also Teacher A, Mrs Maureen Whitham, Oggy Moxon, Mr Basford, Miss Jackie Prime, Barry Wobschall, Dennie, Doug & Mrs Coates)

Lilly 'Hobby' Hobson - KERYS DOWDALL (also Mrs Cordelia Parry, Ms Jones, Mr Basford, Ron, Simon 'Piggy' Paterson, Oggy Moxon & Mrs Clifton)