Friday 16th December to Sunday 1st January 2017

Treasure Island

by Mike Fahie-Wilson & Bez Berry

Directed by Malcolm Hollister

Join Sudbury Dramatic Society in the annual Quay Pantomime

This year pirates have navigated the river as far as the quayside at Sudbury, to smuggle in a show the whole family will savour

With stowaways, Pirates, Treasure ships and the sea, Treasure Island is a story that crackles with fun. Join One-eyed Pete, Billy Bones and the oddest Long John Silver you have ever seen, as they keep everyone on their toes and offer some useful cooking tips for roasting the Christmas parrot


One Eyed Pete, a Pirate - Mark Scanlon / Sara Knight

Spotted Dick, a Pirate - Tom Eddington / Elin Massey

Spam, a Pirate - Mark Littlewood / Jaclyn Taylor

Mrs Hawkins - Richard Fawcett / Bryan Thurlow

Jim Hawkins - Issac Raz / Daniel Pitts

Cpt Billy Bones / Long John Silver - Annie Eddington / Kevin Roychowdhury

Squire Trelawny - Geoff Banwell / Denis Brogan

Crocodile - Alex Ray / Nathan Collier

Mrs Trelawny - Linda Dowdall / Julie Moss

Emma Trelawny - Emily Young

Mr Hawkins / Cpt Flint - Bruce LaScola / Mike Fahie-Wilson